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Ischemic Stroke

Ischemic stroke is a life-threatening medical condition that happens when there’s a lack of blood flow to a part of your brain. These usually happen because of blood clots, but they can also happen for other reasons.

"Ischemia" is when cells in your body don’t have enough blood flow, which causes them to die. When this happens in areas of your brain, you lose abilities controlled by those areas of the brain. If those brain cells die, that can lead to permanent brain damage or can be fatal.

Ischemic Stroke is the 5th Leadig Cause of death in the US
Every 40 Sec Some in the US has a Stroke
Ischemic Stroke is the #1 cause of long-term disability
795000 people suffer from the stroke annually
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Nurvana is a proprietary investigational drug focused on recovery from Ischemic Stroke. Preclinical data have shown that Nurvana may help improve motor skills and memory that might be affected after an ischemic stroke. Nurvana may also aid in reducing damage in first-time Ischemic strokes or in future strokes. 

Pre-clinical data suggests that Nurvana may play a role in reducing inflammation, scar tissue, and cell death. It may also aid in neuronal repair after Ischemic Stroke. 




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